Trial & Warranty

125 Night Trial


Our free trial period starts on the day you purchase a new Lazybed. Unless certain conditions (specified below) exclude your purchase from this rule, this is how the 125 Night Trial period works for most regular purchases.


In order to be eligible for a full refund and return, you need to try your mattress for a minimum of 30 nights. If you’re just not happy or completely satisfied with Lazybed after those 30 nights, you can choose to return your mattress anytime during the 125 Night Trial. Just contact us and we’ll process the return process. Give us a maximum of 30 days to collect the mattress, and after that, we can start processing your full refund.


To prevent exploitation of our return policy, only two mattresses per household will be covered by the 125-night trial.


Returned Lazybed mattresses will be donated to a charity of our choosing. This means that to be eligible for return, they must still be in a reasonable condition (no non-factory damages, stains, or disgusting odors of any kind).




Purchases that have already been discounted through the Lazybed Referral System are not covered by the 125 Night Trial. Please note, normal discounts running on our page are not part of our referral system. A referral code is only given to you by a friend that has already purchased. Purchases made with discounts given out by us in marketing material or on our website are still covered by the 125 night trial. The same is true for mattresses that have been misused or damaged by the customer (whether by accident or intentionally). If you didn’t follow the instructions that detail the proper care and maintenance of your Lazybed, ie: not using a base that’s suitable for the mattress, or not using a protective cover, then your mattress won’t be eligible for return.


Other forms of damage and misuse that could exclude your mattress from the 125 Night Trial include but are not limited to the following: stains, mold and/or mildew, smoke and/or water damage, burns, odors, tears, rips, contamination from liquids including bodily fluids, and damage from unstable/substandard bed bases.


If you buy your Lazybed from somewhere else other than our website, your mattress doesn’t qualify for the 125 Night Trial period. If you’ve already returned mattresses to us, you’re no longer eligible for any subsequent free trial offers from Lazybed.


Note: Customers who have returned mattresses from a previous order are not eligible for subsequent free trial offers.




If you feel that you’ve ordered the wrong size, we can replace your ordered Lazybed mattress with another size/model ONCE within the 125 Night Trial period – you’ll also have to pay for the price difference; no discounts are offered with any exchanges.


Proof of Purchase


In order for your 125 Night Trial to be valid (allowing you to return or exchange your mattress if necessary), your original receipt or O.R. must be intact. Keep it and never throw it away – you’ll need to present this receipt whenever you make any claim under the terms of the 125 Night Trial.




Absolutely no part of this document is aimed at changing, modifying, or adding to the terms of whatever legal customer guarantees or warranties that may or may not come with your purchase of a Lazybed mattress. Check the Lazybed Warranty on specific terms and conditions regarding exchanges and returns. It cannot be altered, supplemented, or modified by anyone for whatever reason.


Making a Claim


It’s important to remember that if you want to return your mattress and claim a refund, you must contact us between the 30th and 125th day of the 125 Night Trial period.


Contact us at so we can provide you with a Return Mattress Authorization or RMA number. This is the only way to authorize your return, which is important because no unauthorized returns are allowed.


Upon collecting your mattress (which should be in a reasonable, undamaged, and sanitary condition), we can begin to process the reimbursement of the full price that you paid for your Lazybed. In approximately 30 days, you’ll get your refund, issued via the original payment method you used to buy the mattress.


Warning – Unauthorized Returns


Unless you follow the proper return process described herein, your return will be unauthorized, and NO REFUNDS/CREDITS CAN BE GIVEN TO ANY AND ALL UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS. So, make sure to follow the proper procedure regarding return authorization. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for any loss and shipping fees attached to your unauthorized return.


Lazybed Terms of Use


You can check out the current Lazybed Terms of Use on our website – anything purchased through are subject to the terms of that document. There’s nothing on this document that can change or alter those particular terms.




We understand that it can feel risky to conduct your business online. That’s why we have a Privacy Policy that you can check out on this website. We strictly uphold this policy with the intent of protecting the confidentiality of your personal information and preserving strong, trust-filled relationships with you, our customers.


Our Charities


What do we do with authorized returns? While there is nothing in this offer that obliges us to donate anything to any particular charity, Lazybed reserves the right to donate your returned mattresses to charities chosen at our discretion.




Australian Consumer Law dictates that each of the goods and services you purchase comes with guaranteed legal rights. These are known as consumer guarantees. And these guarantees, under the said law, cannot be excluded by any document made by whoever provides the product or service you’ve purchased.


Under these consumer guarantees, you are entitled to certain rights, such as replacement, refund, or compensation in the event of a major product failure. Should the product fail to be of acceptable quality, but not to the point of major failure, you are then entitled to repair or replacement. These are all added to any voluntary warranties against defects that come with certain products.


To find out the particular circumstances wherein you’re not entitled to a guarantee-warranted remedy, read ahead to the part that says ‘Exclusions’.


Manufacturer’s Warranty


Every new Lazybed mattress comes with a 15-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. This means that within 15 years from the date of purchase, if your mattress is found to be defective, we will either repair or replace (at our option) your mattress completely free of cost.

The warranty covers any visible indentation greater than 20mm that is not a result of improper use, or the use of a frame that does not provide appropriate support. Normal wear requires that your Mattress be continuously supported by a matching foundation or adjustable bed base with a proper bed frame sufficient to support the collective weight of the Mattress and foundation.




Only those who purchase their Lazybed directly from us are entitled to make claims under the 15-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Additionally, the Warranty only covers defects that arise in the course of normal domestic use. This means that if your own unreasonable use, whether intentional or not, leads to product damage, repairs or replacement cannot be covered by the Warranty. If you neglect to follow the necessary instructions regarding the proper care and maintenance of the mattress, leading to stains, mold and/or mildew, odors, water damage, smoke damage, unsanitary mattress conditions, rips, tears, burns, or other such damage, you will have to cover the cost of repair and/or replacement yourself. This includes damages from using substandard, damaged, or unstable bed bases that can threaten the integrity of the product.


Change of Mind


Note that credits or exchanges aren’t normally provided in the event that you have just changed your mind, decided that you prefer a softer/firmer mattress, found a cheaper mattress elsewhere, or simply made the wrong selection – unless of course, your authorized return request is made within the 125 Night Trial period.


125 Night Trial


If, for whatever reason, Lazybed leaves you unsatisfied, you are eligible to a full refund within the first 125 nights from the date of purchase. You just need to follow the proper procedure regarding returns, and we’ll not only refund your money in full, but also pick up the mattress and have it donated to a charity of our choosing.


Making a Claim


Need to make a claim with regards to product refund, repair, or replacement? You can immediately contact us via email at


In order to asses if your claim is legitimate, you need to return the mattress at your own expense. If the cost of returning the mattress is too significant, we have the option of arranging an inspection of the product in question either at our premises or yours (at our cost). From there, we can decide if you’re entitled to a remedy and what this remedy is (either repair, replacement, or refund). In some cases, we might need to send the product to a facility where it can be fully remedied or repaired. It depends on what we decide based on product assessment and inspection.


Important Note


REMEMBER: if you want to make a legal claim under the Manufacturer’s Warranty or the attached consumer guarantee, we need to be notified of any defect within 30 days after the said defect has appeared. We’ll also need your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, and SPECIFIC DETAILS REGARDING THE DEFECT. Don’t forget to include your original receipt – you can’t make a claim without a proof of purchase.