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Consumer Guarantees

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have guaranteed legal rights for goods and services you purchase. These are called consumer guarantees.

All goods sold in Australia come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

These consumer guarantees are in addition to our 15-year limited warranty as set out below.

Lazybed’s Limited 15-Year Warranty

When you purchase a new Lazybed Mattress, you automatically receive a fifteen-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. In the case of an approved claim, Lazybed will repair or replace the defective part at no cost to the customer, any shipping costs related to the replacement or repair will not be payable by the customer for the first claim.  For each subsequent approved claim, Lazybed may charge a processing & handling fee payable by the customer of up to 30% of the retail price at our sole reasonable discretion.

A. Who is covered by the warranty?

The warranty covers the original purchaser of the Lazybed mattress. Please retain a copy of your order confirmation as proof of purchase. The warranty is a benefit of the original purchaser and is non-transferable if the mattress has been resold.

B. What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers the following defects in craftmanship and materials arising in the course of normal domestic use.

• The warranty covers any visible indentation greater than 20mm that is not a result of improper use, or the use of a frame that does not provide appropriate support.

• Any physical flaw in the mattress that causes the foam to significantly split or crack, provided the damage is not caused by mishandling of the mattress.

• Failure of the mattress zipper or tearing of the outer cover during normal usage and care. In the case of a defect to the cover, only the cover will be repaired or replaced.

C. What is not covered by the warranty?

Our warranty is limited to manufacturer defects listed in the above section, B. Examples below outline cases that are not covered by our warranty. Please note, the below examples give an indication of claims that will not be honoured but is not to be taken as an entire list of cases whereby your warranty will not be approved.

• A change in mind by the customer.

• A normal increase in the softness of the foam, which does not result in a visible indentation greater than 20mm.

• Mould, mildew, dirt, stains, or bed bug infestations resulting from improper care. Information relating to proper care of your mattress can be found in our FAQs page.

• Exposure to unreasonably cold or hot conditions which cause the materials to crack, tear or permanently deform.

• Replacement of the entire mattress, due to a fault in a specific area. For example, a broken zipper will not result in full replacement mattress, but rather a replacement cover.

• A minor defect or change in the mattress which does not affect the pressure distributing properties.

• Any mattress manufactured by Lazybed, sold by an independent retailer that is not an approved distributor.

• Any mattress sold “as-is”, “refurbished”, “used”, “comfort return”, “returned”, “previously owned”, “donated” or any other similar wording that has been clearly indicated to the customer that the mattress is not brand new.

The Warranty does not apply where you have damaged the goods by using them in a way that was unreasonable, for example if you have damaged or misused the mattress either by accident, intentionally or damages arising because you have neglected to use a protective cover or adhere to instructions for the proper care and cleaning of your mattress as outlined in our care instructions, or FAQ section of our website.

D. When does the warranty start?

The mattress is covered from the date of purchase, for fifteen years. Replacements or repairs do not reset the warranty start date.

E. Customer Responsibilities & Expectations

To make a claim, the customer is expected to send a proof of purchase (an order number will suffice), a written description of the problem or suspected defect & photo evidence to

Lazybed reserves the right at our sole discretion, to require photographs, video evidence, or to have the product shipped to us for physical inspection. To prevent exploitation, we require the customer to work with us in providing adequate proof of the defect.

If the product is required to be shipped to us for physical inspection, you will not be responsible for these shipping costs.

The Warranty applies to original purchasers only and you must have proof of your original purchase to make a claim. Only defects arising during normal domestic use are covered.

To be entitled to make a claim under Warranty or consumer guarantee you must notify us of any defect within 30 days of becoming aware of the issue.

F. How is a claim processed?

Once the evidence has been received from the customer, Lazybed will evaluate the claim. The claim will be evaluated by Lazybed and we will decide at our sole, reasonable discretion whether the claim is valid. Further information may be required by the customer depending on the claim. If we determine that the claim is valid, Lazybed will repair, or replace the defective part and ship the repaired mattress, or repaired parts to the customer.

Please choose carefully as refunds, credits or exchanges are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection, decided you would prefer a firmer/softer mattress, or found the goods cheaper elsewhere. The only exception to this is returns made under our 125 Night Trial offer outlined below.

G. 125-Night Trial

We offer you a 125-night free trial where, if unsatisfied with your mattress for any reason, you may receive a full refund within 125 days of purchase and we will arrange to have the mattress picked up and donated to our nominated charity. The mattress will be collected within 30 days and your refund will be processed after collection.

Our 125-night trial is only applicable where the mattress is in reasonable condition, such that it will be accepted by one of our charity partner organizations (for example, no stains, tears or other soiling including odours). If the mattress has been unreasonably mishandled or stained to the point where our charity partner rejects the mattress on the basis of its poor condition, your 125-night trial will be not be honoured.

Returns will only be authorized after 30 days from the date you receive the mattress, as we require you to give the mattress a fair go before deciding it’s not right for you.

H. Exclusions to the 125-Night Trial

The 125 Night Trial offer does not apply where you have damaged the goods by using them in a way that was unreasonable, for example if you have damaged or misused the mattress either by accident or intentionally or damages arising because you have neglected to use a protective cover, position the mattress on a suitable base or adhere to instructions for the proper care and cleaning of your mattress.

Excluded damage includes but is not limited to odours, stains, mold and/or mildew, smoke or water damage, soiled or unsanitary mattress, burns, rips, tears, damage from an unstable, damaged or substandard base, or contamination from bodily fluids.

This offer is for original purchasers only. Mattresses sold outside of the Lazybed website do not qualify for the 125 Night Sleep Trial.

Note: Customers who have returned mattresses from a previous order are not eligible for subsequent free trial offers.

I. What if I would like a refund instead of repair/replacement?

Unless within the 125-night trial period as outlined above, our warranty does not entitle you to a refund. The warranty only covers replacement/repair of defects.

J. Warrantor

Lazy Holdings Pty. Ltd.

We appreciate your purchase and are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services.