Lazybed Doona

    Revolutionary Dacron Fibre Doona For Year-Round Comfort – Even In Australia!

    It’s no secret that here in Australia, it can be very difficult to find the right doona – the kind that provides warmth when needed but doesn’t turn into a portable sauna during the hot summer months!

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    Revolutionary Dacron Fibre Doona For Year-Round Comfort – Even In Australia!
    The Dacron Fibre in our Lazybed Doona ensures maximum comfort year-round – cool in the summer, warm and cozy in the winter. Dacron Fibre is a unique synthetic down that is designed to hold warmth but never become muggy and uncomfortable.
    The Pleasures Of Perfect Breathability And Warmth
    The method we use to quilt our doona leads to supreme comfort and excellent sleep! With a breathable and premium percale cotton weave cover, the Lazybed doona is light and fluffy, with the perfect amount of breathability for summer months.
    The “box-cassette” stitch design keeps Dacron Fibres separated into their own “boxes”. The result: the Lazybed Doona equally spreads the coziness to every area of your body - even reaching down to your toes!
    Ducks And Geese Agree:
    “Buy More Lazybed Doonas!”

    The Lazybed Doona is made with 100% synthetic fibres. Although it feels almost exactly like down (despite being more breathable) – not a single duck or goose was plucked alive to create this doona.

    In fact, the Lazybed Doona is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Now you can get the best of both worlds: unmatched comfort and the wholesome feeling of knowing you’re helping ducks and geese enjoy long, happy lives!

    Dacron Fibre Is Anti-Bacterial And Hypo-Allergenic

    One of the only fibres of its kind in the world, Dacron Fibre is anti-bacterial, ensuring you’re always comfy AND healthy. It is also highly durable against wear and tear, and odours are kept where they should be – out of your doona!

    Dacron Fibre is also hypo-allergenic and perfect for those with goose or duck allergies who still would like to enjoy the comfort and coziness of a down doona.

    Every base covered, the perfect doona
    Refreshing Coolness and Cozy Warmth
    Perfect for year-round comfort, even in Australia where hot summers and cool winters collide – all thanks to the versatility of Dacron Fibre!
    Full, Lofty, And Plush
    With the box-cassette design, the Lazybed Doona maintains its full fluffy volume of cuddly compartments at all times!
    Durable And Lightweight
    Dacron Fibres and percale cotton weave will ensure the Lazybed Doona outlasts traditional down doonas and provides many years of refreshing comfort.